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For more than thirty years Grant Renier has developed and evolved Intuitive Rationality, a unique system that combines an understanding of human cognition and limitations of “pure” rationality to produce a predictive analytics system that has shown to be incredibly successful in forecasting future events in financial markets, sports, health applications, elections, and more. The book is a combination of entertaining explanations of human cognition that uses Sherlock Holmes as an example, and technical descriptions that will provide the reader insight into how bias and logic can be melded together to create accurate predictions.

In this book you will learn about.. ..

• The key cognitive biases that are used to moderate Intuition

• Why ‘pure’ rationality is misunderstood and overhyped

• How subconscious heuristics like intuition, can enhance forecasting

• How Intuitive Rationality has performed over two decades

• Why Intuitive Rationality is establishing a new field of Al, Intuitive General Intelligence

• And much, much more!

In the midst of a major international crisis as China invades Taiwan, a famous military intelligence center in England suffers the mysterious death of one of its team leaders in AI. Sherlock Holmes is brought in to help with the investigation and thus begins the battle between human and artificial intelligence.

As the mystery unfolds, insight is given into what “intelligence” actually means, and how humans and AI differ in critical respects – and how they can effectively collaborate.

Holmes and his colleague Dr. Watson, and indeed the major persons of interest in the challenging case as well as Noel the main computer-driven robot, have to face issues such as consciousness, intuition, rationality, morality, thinking, as they try to unravel the mysterious murder.

“Howard brilliantly captures the benefits and challenges of both human and artificial intelligence, while cleverly engaging the reader in a compelling mystery.” —  Dr. Dean Sherzai, leading neuroscientist.

Dr. Howard Rankin is an expert in cognitive neuroscience, behavioral economics, the mind-body connection as well as a best-selling author. He is the Science Director at predictive analytics company IntualityAI.