Our book, Intuitive Rationality, is available on Amazon

Are humans being completely rational?  If not, how do we combine intuition and logic to make the best decisions? And can this combination of intuition and rationality generate accurate predictions?


In this groundbreaking book, Grant Renier, who has spent a career successfully merging principles of human behavior and simulation mathematics, and cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Howard Rankin, explain why human beings depend on heuristics, like intuition and previous conscious and unconscious experiences, and the limitations of rationality. Based on these principles, Renier and his team have created a successful prediction application, IntualityAI.


IntualityAI continues to be successful in predicting future events in such diverse fields as financial markets, elections, sports, health monitoring, and sports. The authors suggest that this new logic and methodology heralds a new direction in AI, Intuitive General Intelligence.


The book entertainingly uses Sherlock Holmes as an example of the effective use of heuristics, as well as his limitations, and also provides more technical sections for those who want to explore the mathematical underpinnings of Intuitive General Intelligence.