IntualityAI is a deep intelligence software system that simulates the human decision-making process within the general field of Behavioral Economics. Its deep intelligence is confirmed by the fact that exceptional prediction success is realized over a wide variety of applications with no changes to its core logic. IntualityAI simulates the human conscious and subconscious decision-making structure by:

  • Real time processing of 100’s and 1,000’s of input data feeds
  • Updating subconscious heuristics-driven biases
  • Predicting a dynamic landscape of near and far future possible events
  • Outputting actionable alerts consistent with application objectives
  • Feeding back degrees of success to modify future behavior

IntualityAI’s ability to Predict probable future events and to Alert the best of those as decisions to be taken has been validated through its recorded superior performance across a wide-range of applications compared to traditional regression-based or pattern-recognition based technologies.

Data Inputs

Intuality relies on real-time data and minimal computing power to manage the behavior of complex applications.  It immediately begins predicting and alerting after the third input event, with no initial optimization training cycle. Periodic actionable alerts are for application Objective inputs, but also include Influencer inputs that might add value to the overall quality of an application’s performance. In the case of U.S. football, Objective inputs would be yards gained and lost; Influencer inputs could be weather, time of day, location, player performance, etc.


IntualityAI can be scaled from central server to mobile device operation, since it does not require continuous, repetitive and fast access to historical databases. It creates an application micro and macro opinion, or sentiment, as a ‘state of now’ that it maintains and updates with each new real time event. This fundamental design simulates the human subconscious by forming new opinions about the future and make decisions that are driven by heuristic-driven biases, precluding the need to continuously ‘look back’. The benefit is a small footprint that allows for multiple applications, and sharing decisions through pyramiding, just within active memory. This freedom to scale minimizes computing resources and opens a whole new world of possible application combinations never before possible. These features are in sharp contrast to other artificial intelligence approaches that need first to determine what historical data is relevant before applying large-scale data analysis to predict trends of next-term events.

First Principles

IntualityAI applied 6 First Principles as basic rules for the design of the system:

  • All final decisions, and the reality they create, are instigated by simulating human subconscious heuristics-driven biases
  • All real time prediction and actionable alerts are independent of human intervention
  • Its singular logic is fixed across all applications
  • Data inputs are theoretically unlimited
  • Data inputs are predefined as either Objectives (application goals) or Influencers (environmental effects)
  • Relevance of data inputs to application objectives is determined dynamically
  • Predictions of near and far future possibilities events produce a landscape from which actionable alerts emerge