Intuality Premium Prediction Services

Bringing Intualities unique enterprise-class prediction AI directly to consumers.



Intuality Sports

Since 2011, IntualityAI has a 58% success rate predicting the outcomes of NFL games against the spread. By monitoring multiple data streams, identifying relevant data, and evaluating both team and wager behavior. Intuality has a proven record of picking the correct result.

NFL Game Predictions

Intuality Sport’s weekly “NFL Superpicks” represents the AI company’s first foray into direct to consumer prediction services. Subscribers are entitled to Intuality’s premium NFL superpicks as well as updates throughout the week as new information is released.

MLB Game Predictions

MLB Predictions are planned but not yet available.

NBA Game Predictions

NBA Predictions are planned but not yet available.

Intuality Health

IntualityAI will monitor such vital signs as blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, respirations, etc., and output alerts for future critical events for each of these signs. By analyzing historical data and detecting patterns, the platform, as either an app for smartwatches or a wearable chip, could produce alerts or notifications when the vital signs fall outside the normal range or when there are indicators of potential health issues.

Glucose Monitoring

IntualityAI can predict medical events, such as a spike or drop in blood sugar for a diabetes patient. IntualityAI predicts changes in the blood sugar 30 minutes in advance and provides a proactive alert to the patient. Corrective action can be taken before there is a problem, freeing the patient from constantly monitoring their glucose levels and making guesses about how it is changing.

Epileptic Seizures

Intuality Inc and the Neuroscience Research Institute of North Carolina conducted 3 blind studies to test if IntualityAI could predict the onset of epileptic seizures using only sequential EEG data from non-human primates in which there were induced seizures. The results predicted seizures between 1.4 minutes and 3.9 minutes before their occurrence. Such predictions could be invaluable in being able to ameliorate the effects of impending seizures.

Heart Arrhythmias

Intuality Inc conducted a study with HealthWatch Technologies Ltd, Israel, in 2017 to detect the onset of heart arrhythmia from EKG data. IntualityAI results from this limited blind study predicted the onset of heart arrhythmia 50 seconds before the actual occurrence.

Intuality Finance

The financial world’s rich and chaotic datasets provide Intuality with its most natural match. The Intuality system is able to produce positive yields even during market contractions.

Equity Markets

IntualityAI has simulated the management of a portfolio of long trading stocks (the S&P 200 Equities) while periodically hedging against market down-turns with S&P 500 Futures contracts. The simulation was for a notional $100,000 account, trading 100 share lots (long positions only), and S&P 500 Futures contracts (short trades only), resulting in a 178% increase compared to a 75% increase in the S&P 500 Index.

Foreign Exchange Markets

IntualityAI has simulated trades in Foreign Currency Exchange markets over more than a ten-year period. The chart shows the results of this simulation compared to the performance of the S&P 500 Index.

Futures Markets