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Since 2011, using General Artificial Intelligence technology, IntualityAI has predicted 58.2% of NFL games correctly against the spread, garnering a 16.7% rate of return. In 2019, the computer performed at an even higher level, selecting the winner 58.9% of the time, with a fantastic 27.1% rate of return across the full season. Subscribe to IntualityAI now and be on top of your game, with scaled selections to maximize earnings and find openings in the lines all season long.


Used by the Intuality Sports Podcast

Kyle Bonn, a graduate of Syracuse University’s esteemed journalism program, is a sports media and broadcast professional who has spanned nearly every sport and every medium.  Born and raised in Connecticut, Kyle has lived across the country and world working in sports media. Now the host of the Intuality Sports podcast, Kyle is thrilled to bring the game-changing IntualityAI to fans across the globe.

Kyle Bonn

Bryan Fischer has been covering the NFL and college football across the country for over a decade at outlets such as NBC Sports, CBS Sports, Yahoo! and NFL Media. As a result, he’s seen many of the league’s greatest stars come up through the ranks from their early days as high school all-stars all the way to the Pro Bowl. The Texas native has won several awards over the years but is focused mostly on finding the next great story when he’s not on an airplane headed to a game.

Bryan Fischer