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Applying Intuality’s unique ai system to the world of sports and sports predictions

Verified Performance

Since 2011, IntualityAI has a 58% success rate predicting the outcomes of NFL games against the spread. By monitoring multiple data streams, identifying relevant data, and evaluating both team and wager behavior. Intuality has a proven record of picking the correct result.

Pick Lists

The Picks

NFL Week 10 IntualityAI SuperPicks

NFL Week 10 IntualityAI SuperPicks

A brutal 0-4 Week 9 with 3 tough to swallow results has left IntualityAI looking to pick itself back up. Five SuperPicks are on hand to do so, including 2 Star Selections. The computer loves the Rams against Seattle, with LA's offense sneakily the most efficient in...


Interpreting Intuality Sports Picks

How can I tell which team is favored to win?

The favored team is noted in each SuperPick row.

What does the scale mean?

The scale measures IntualityAI’s confidence rating for each pick to maximize return on investment. On a 1-10 basis, this recommends how to scale wager amounts to maximize return for the most confident picks and minimize losses on incorrect selections.

Can I have the picks emailed to me?
Not Yet!
We are working on this feature and will make it available to all subscribers when it is ready.
What is "the spread"?

The spread is a handicap given to the underdog team in an attempt to theoretically make every single bet a 50/50 selection. IntualityAI beats the spread with a lifetime success rate of higher than 58%, giving you an edge you can’t find anywhere else.