We designed IntualityAI to predict near- and far-future events. The technology provides people and organizations with actionable intelligence to improve their decision-making.

Intuality, Inc. is focused on supporting companies and organizations whereby use of the Intuality predictive software system can add value to their offerings or their decision-making.

We partner with experts and companies to apply its predictive analytic technology to specific applications. Intuality, Inc. ensures optimal technology performance its integration with the partner’s systems and organization.

To date, we have demonstrated that IntualityAI has wide applicability, with recorded success in financial markets (futures trading), election polling, vehicle monitoring, healthcare and sports.

Current Partnerships

These include with CivixAI in predicting election and public policy voting preferences and with Odigia for optimizing its novel eLearning platform.


CivixAI identifies the subconscious biases of any individual or group to discover hidden motivations and unique correlations that cause them to act in particular situations and arrive at unprecedented prediction accuracy of their future behavior. CivixAI leverages IntualityAI to deliver Relative Preference among any group, including voters, donors, policymakers, regulatory leaders, etc.


Odigia goes beyond the textbook by providing instructors and students digital learning and teaching tools that were developed to enhance the way they: access, modify, and engage with content; collaborate with each other during the course; track progress and understanding of content; and ultimately apply knowledge. The partnership with Intuality, Inc. is designed to provide docents and students with predictions of probable future student performance and to notify when actions are required to ensure successful completion of a particular eLearning course

Futures Trading

After assessing the value of IntualityAI in making trades in the financial markets using simulations of historical results, a trading account has been established to make trades in S&P 500 futures.

IntualityAI currently manages investments in the S&P 500 Futures market by tracking a portfolio that consisting of all the major contract groups:  Currencies, Energies, Financials, Grains, Indices, Metals, Meats and Softs. It periodically selects from those groups specific contracts to automatically execute long and short trades through Future Commission Merchants, with no human intervention.  Qualified investors may contact Intuality, Inc. for the current Futures Trading track record at

Other Partnerships

Intuality, Inc. is conducting pilot studies with numerous companies and organizations to examine the benefits of its proprietary artificial general intelligence. These include in the areas of public policy, healthcare, consumer preference, financial markets, and transportation logistics.

Business Arrangements

Intuality, Inc. aims to forge partnerships with companies and organizations that add value in the form of improved offerings or decision-making. In addition to sharing in the risk and the upside in these arrangements, Intuality, Inc. offers technical and strategic support to its partners.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.