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December 13th
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When considering risks, Sherlock first evaluates the downside

 “Is it worth going to interview that woman about the Baskerville murders? I suspect she knows very little if anything of relevance,” Watson asked. “Not sure. I’m still weighing it in my mind,” said Sherlock. “Maybe tomorrow could be better spent revisiting the scene of the crime. But who knows? Perhaps she has the one […]

Our computers found the optimum ratio between risk and gain

Research shows that given a chance to win $100 or avoid losing $100, most people choose not to lose money rather than speculate. However, as the benefits of the potential gain rise, choices change. More people would choose to risk losing $100 if the prize was $1000.  Many more would risk losing $100 if the […]

Hedging Investment Risk and Gain – Computers Learn from Human Strategies to Comprehend Human Markets 

My own highly risky private venture investments in the past earned an average 28% IRR over ten years, which was considered extraordinary at the time, and only 3 of the companies accounted for most of that gain, while the other 7 became “living-dead” drags on superior performance. This involved considerably more risk than standard equity […]