Grant Renier
President, Founder

Grant is the President and Founder of Intuality, Inc. and the developer of the Intuality software system, IntualityAI, and of its internal logic Intuitive Rationality™. He founded 4 prior successful ventures that incorporated successive versions of the underlying technology, following positions with two Fortune 500 firms in international roles and as CFO and Director of Corporate Development. Grant has an undergraduate degree in engineering, mathematics from Purdue University, and MBA from the University of Michigan that includes studies in behavioral science and economics.

Peter Nannis
Chief Technology Officer

Peter is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Intuality Inc. He specializes in software solutions and server-side support for data and live data distribution processing and management. He is experienced in business technology deployment such as Salesforce, Adobe Connect, Envisiontel and iContact and has been project manager for numerous hardware/software projects. Peter has a Masters Degree in computer science from Linkoping Technical University (Sweden), and an MBA from UC-Irvine.

Michael Hentschel
Chief Financial Officer

Michael is the Chief Financial Officer and co-Founder of Intuality Inc. Michael accelerates ventures and as a venture capitalist his investments have a 27% IRR track record over 10 years with companies such as Stratacom, Telebit, Raytel and Mycogen. He has raised over $140 million for 30 companies. He has been Managing Director of TechVest Ventures since 1987. He has an undergraduate degree from Yale in archaeology and economics, and an MBA from Kellogg-Northwestern.

David Cassels, MBA
Brand Strategy & Marketing Advisor

David is the Chairman and Founder of CCL Branding, a highly successful brand development and marketing agency with clients throughout the country. He has over 30 years of marketing experience and has worked on the creation, development and evolution of brands in a variety of industry categories, from start-ups to established national brands. Prior to founding CCL Branding, David was the Director of Advertising and Market Research at one of the largest banks in the country.