Predicting Future Health Events

IntualityAI’s health monitoring technology represents a leap into the future, where AI can predict health risks and offer advice on preventative measures in real-time. This technological advance is not only revolutionary but potentially life-saving!

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When integrated with wearable technology, such as a smartwatch that tracks vital health stats, like heart rate and oxygen levels, IntualityAI has demonstrated its ability to predict health events before they occur. This is particularly beneficial for patients living with conditions like epilepsy, heart conditions, and diabetes, as it provides them with crucial information that could potentially save their lives.

IntualityAl’s Critical Health Monitoring Alert Results

IntualityAI Health Epilepsy Seizure Chart
IntualityAI Health Epileptic Seizure Prediction Circle

Epileptic Seizure Prediction

Three independent trials of EEG Epilepsy Seizure Data showed the IntualityAI predicted the onset of seizure 1.4 to 3.9 minutes in advance.

When a patient knows this information ahead of time, it may give them ample time to get into a safe place or position and alert someone. There were no false positives in the blind study conducted by the Neuroscience Research Institute of North Carolina.

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IntualityAI Health Hypoglycemia Prediction Circle

Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar) Prediction

In five independent trials of blood glucose data series, patients living with diabetes were given 30-minute notifications of the potential onset of hypoglycemic events so they could take appropriate action to avert a crash.

There were no false positives in the blind study conducted by Novant Medical Health Medical Center, North Carolina.

IntualityAI Health Epilepsy Seizure Chart
IntualityAI Health Heart Arrhythmia Prediction Circle

Heart Arrhythmia Prediction

Three independent trials measuring EKG data series predicted heart arrhythmia events 70 seconds in advance.

The blind study conducted by HealthWatch, Ltd., Israel, had no
false positives.

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