Run Your Campaign Smarter

Leveraging the power of Intuitive Rationality, IntualityAI combines human intuition and subconscious behavior with machine logic to deliver a compact, versatile, and general AI system that has proven invaluable for those seeking elected office. By continuously learning from real-time changes, IntualityAI refines its performance, increasing prediction accuracy beyond what current AIs can do.

IntualityAI Election Prediction Graphic

Projecting polling numbers for political candidates months before elections and offering daily updates leading up to Election Day allows candidates to alter their campaign strategies in real-time.

Picking Election Winners with IntualityAI

How effective is IntualityAI at predicting election winners when applying its Intuitive Rationality and the 12 Cognitive Bias?

IntuityAI has successfully predicted the winner of the last four presidential campaigns, including in 2016. When most polls predicted Hillary Rodham Clinton to win over Donald Trump, IntualityAI predicted his win in September (see graph).

IntualityAI Election Prediction Accuracy:
  • Presidential: 100% last 3 Presidential Races
  • Congressional/State: 81% with the polls; 88% against the polls

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IntualityAI Elections Page Graphic of Trump/Biden Election Prediction