Consult the latest (15-minute intraday updated) IntualityAI projection of the IntualityIndex for the economy and presumably for stock market indexes as a whole, though by no means for all individual stocks. IntualityAI’s algorithms warned about two months ago to avoid new trades in the short term, and this would have saved investors about 10% in S&P declines during that timeframe, but the Index has been solidly positive in NOT calling for a US recession or worse, as some doomer analysts of real estate markets and global uncertainty have prognosticated for much of this year and next. Instead the IntualityIndex, currently starting in a neutral position is showing a steady stepwise rise to a score of 40 out of 100, not overwhelmingly bullish but certainly positive and steadily so. In essence the IntualityIndex would imply a soft landing as interest rates settle down with stable or reduced inflationary expectations.