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Intuitive General Intelligence IGI

the new AI science

  • simulates the Best of Human Decision-Making within the principles of Behavioral Economics

  • provides user Personalization of  Application Environments

  • outputs Actionable Alerts of near and far-future Predicted Events for user and computer execution

Organizations and individuals are struggling to use large-scale databases to make timely and inportant decisions within thier complex and ever-changing environments. Most lack in-house technologies and resources to understand the influences of human behavior on those environments.

IntualityAI’s IGI

  • opens the door to predicting the behavior of complex, dynamical, none repetitive applications that has hitherto not been possible
  • predicts up to 150 near- and far-future events from streams of real-time data
  • scans that terrain for the emergence of important future events and actionable alerts
  • makes predictions and decisions in the way the brain does through its simulation of human cognitive biases and heuristics
  • authenticates its deep-learning, general intelligence with core logic that is not changed between applications
  • successfully predicts events in the financial markets, voter preference, healthcare monitoring, sports wagering, vehicle component monitoring and much more


What does Intuality do?

Intuality’s underlying science, Intuitive Rationality™, applies behavior economics to simulate real world human decision making.

Its deep intelligence simulates cognitive biases to achieve unprecedented prediction performance across disparate, complex applications and ecosystems. Its single core logic that combines cognitive and behavioral science, economics, mathematics and computer technology is the result of 30-years of R&D and successful commercial applications.

Predicts ETF, Equity, Futures, Cryptocurrencies and FOREX investments.

Successfully forcasts Presidential, Congressional and State elections.

Predicts and alerts 24/7 monitored health issues

Predicts internet shopper visits and dwell times by webpage, 150 future daily events