Intuality, Inc. has developed a proprietary artificial general intelligence – IntualityAI – that helps people make better decisions about critical future events.
Organizations are struggling to use large-scale data to make more accurate and timely decisions about future events. Most organizations lack in-house predictive technologies and resources and are at a disadvantage to those that do. IntualityAI opens the door to complex prediction and decision making that has hitherto not been possible.
IntualityAI predicts near- and far-future events from streams of real time data and provides users with directive alerts about critical events. Our artificial general intelligence makes decisions in the same way as the brain and with its fixed core logic it can applied across a wide range of applications.
IntualityAI has been used to predict events in numerous sectors including financial markets, voter preference, healthcare events, sports wagering, and vehicle monitoring.


  • Predicts future events and provides directives for making better decisions
  • Simulates human heuristics and biases to select and process real-time data
  • Creates a landscape of future probable events
  • Produces directive alerts for predicted critical events
  • Can be run as an app on mobile devices and central servers
  • Outperforms traditional approaches such as regression analysis and pattern recognition