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What is IntualityAI?

Intuality AI is an artificial intelligence company empowering people by identifying actionable future events. We show you the future by predicting near-term and far-future events from streams of real-time data and providing directive alerts about critical events to make better decisions. We call this new AI science Intuitive General Intelligence IGI.


Prediction Streams

IntualityAI is now making curated prediction streams available direct to consumers. Subscribe to our premium prediction streams to access our latest, time sensitive predictions.

Investment Markets

IntualityAI is creating successful track records in the Equities and Futures markets for the last 40 years


IntualityAI predicts financial plans, operations flow, inventory management, marketing and sales, and correlates to organization performance


IntualityAI predicts and correlates component maintenance and failures and correlates to vehicle performance for automobiles, trucks, buses, trains

Election Predictions

IntualityAI is predicts voter preference in both national and state US elections since 2012

Sports Predictions

IntualityAI is creating a successful track record predicting  NFL games versus the spread since 2011

Health Event Predictions

IntualityAI predicts COVID19, epileptic seizures, heart arrhythmias, and hypoglycemic events

Custom AI Integrations

IntualityAI’s underlying prediction engine is widely applicable to range of applications including Finance, Sports, Public Opinion, Healthcare and Component Failure Prediction.

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Application Domains

IntualityAI is artificial general intelligence with a fixed core logic that can be applied across a diverse set of applications to predict near- and far-future events.

Sectors where IntualityAI has been applied successfully include:





Public Opinion