What is IntualityAI?

IntualityAI is an artificial intelligence company empowering people by identifying actionable future events. We show you the future by predicting near-term and far-future events from streams of real-time data and providing directive alerts about critical events to make better decisions.

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Tested Applications

IntualityAI’s predictive analytic has wide applicability, with proven success in financial portfolio trading and management, public opinion, healthcare events and sports predictions.

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Team Experience

ntualityAI boasts a team that is poised to ensure your success. The team has a wide variety of domain expertise including financial markets, healthcare, automotive, supply chain, field service and sports.

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The Underlying Science

IntualityAI is a deep intelligence software system that simulates the human decision-making process within the general field of Behavioral Economics. Its deep intelligence is confirmed by the fact that exceptional prediction success has been realized over a wide variety of applications with no changes to its core logic.

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